Fashion Boutique

epos system of fashion boutique

In a fashion boutique, you are not only concerned about productions and distributions, instead you are more worried about the constantly changing trends and taste preferences of the customers. You need to keep up with the current fashion trends and arrange your displays accordingly. It is all about the time game. The timing has to be right in ordering, organizing and displaying the new stock.
Besides keeping a track of the latest fashion, you need to pay close attention towards the sales as well. It is important to keep a check of how well you are doing in terms of generating profit. And this can only be ensured by giving customers a healthy and satisfactory experience.
At Teranoid point of sale, we understand all of these responsibilities. We acknowledge that it is not easy to multi task single handedly and therefore we are here at your service. Teranoid EPOS System knows that fashion boutiques need to be upright, up-to-date, presentable and welcoming. And that is why the Teranoid EPOS System is just the perfect fit for this industry. Our EPOS System is your loyal partner in need. It offers just what you need to grow and flourish your fashion boutique. With the tools and features offered by Teranoid EPOS System, you can simultaneously run all your operations efficiently.

Know your Best Products

Our EPOS System helps fashion boutiques know their best products. By generating detailed sales report, the EPOS System highlights the customer’s most demanded products and hints the business to focus and work on it better. Your fashion boutique can scale up revenues by revamping the demanded product!

Channel your sales

Our EPOS System does not only work on demanded products but it also provides you the channel to do so. With Teranoid, you can easily add, remove and edit your product. You can work on images, quote their prices and categorize them in size and color. The detailed reporting and constant stock management helps channel your sales and sell more of your demanded products.

Grow your Customer Base

Grow your customer base through the Teranoid EPOS System. Without going an extra mile, create an online shop portal of your fashion boutique and sell your products on the global platform. This EPOS system is easy to set up and allows your boutique to keep running your business 24/7 whether you are online or offline.

Manage Multiple Stores

Teranoid works in a web browser, so you can access it anywhere from any device and run your business. With Teranoid’s cloud feature, know all the details and proceedings of all your outlets. You can check, operate and manage multiple stores at a time. This is not only convenient but efficient and productive as well. Know it yourself by taking a free Teranoid EPOS System trial for 14 days and checkout the wonders.


Having an EPOS System is very crucial for any apparel industry. It is because the manufacturers and retailers of the clothing industry need to organize and manage everything according to the current trends. It will not be wrong if we say that it is not wise in these highly advanced and technological times that you carry out all the operations manually in this industry. The apparel industry needs to be quick, up to date and well informed about the constantly changing and evolving fashion trends.
That is why, it is important for the apparel industry to have an EPOS System in their store or outlet. The Teranoid EPOS System, in this case, is the perfect fit. It offers the industry, exactly what it requires. That is to say, Teranoid is a very smart yet convenient and affordable EPOS System for the apparel industry. The Teranoid point of sale software has countless features which greatly contribute in improving the overall operations of the business.
Following are some key benefits that Teranoid EPOS System offers for the apparel industry.

Manage Inventory

The Teranoid EPOS System is very efficient in tracking all the transactions and keeping a record of the available stock. The software channels the sales by recording every product sold and constantly updates the inventory. This allows the apparel store to know which particular brands and specific pieces of clothing are in stock. Further, know which products are in demand that need to be restocked etc. This helps the store to place order accordingly which improves both productivity and efficiency.

Take your Store Online

The Teranoid EPOS System is a software which provides your store a platform to approach customers online as well. You can easily put the clothes online along with the designs, price, size and colors and reach out to more people. It allows your business to run 24/7 that too without continuous human capital or additional cost.
The customers can place orders online via the Teranoid EPOS System and you can deliver them accordingly. This feature of the EPOS System allows your business to grow and flourish exponentially. So, get Teranoid to improve sales and revenues!

Varied Payment Methods

The Teranoid EPOS System accepts varied payment methods. It gives customers the liberty to choose whatever payment method they find convenient. They can pay via mobile app, online transfer, cash, credit card, debit card etc. Our top priority is the customer’s convenience.
At Teranoid, we believe that there is nothing more important than customer’s satisfaction and ease. Therefore, we make sure to improve the customer experience so that you can increase your customer base.

Manage Multiple Stores

The Teranoid EPOS System runs in the web browser, so you can access it anywhere from any device and run your business. This allows you to run and manage your business anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the integrated software feature has the details of all your apparel outlets in one platform. This way you can manage all your stores, their inventories, transactions and profits through Teranoid. This is not only efficient but convenient and productive as well.