How to Encourage Impulse Buying to Grow Sales

Impulse buying in retail stores is a tried and tested way to boost sales. It is a common buying technique that encourages shoppers to purchase impulsively. Hence, retailers make it a common practice to persuade customers towards impulse buying.

This article highlights the ways, mentioned below, through which impulse buying can be encouraged in retail stores.

Create Path for Customers to Promote Impulse Buying

Create Path for Customers

To encourage impulse buying, the selection and placement of the product are significant. Retailers should place the products and make a corresponding path for customers to follow. The store’s layout and design can determine the fixed path for customers. As a result, customers shall instinctively lead themselves towards that path. Hence, they shall pass through the high-demanded and exclusive products.

By creating a path for the customers, retailers will be able to predict where customers are likely to stay and stop. Also, retailers will be able to assume the areas that gain the most attention. Hence, the demanded and most significant products will be placed in those areas.

Place Low-Priced Impulse buying Products near Checkouts

Customers do not buy expensive products impulsively. Therefore, price is an important factor when it comes to Impulse Buying. Ensure that right products are chosen for the purpose of impulse purchase. It is suggested that the products offered through impulse purchase should not be more than 20 dollars. In other words, boost purchase values with such items that customers are willing to buy.

Another way to persuade customers into Impulse Buying is to display products on sale, for example, placing samplers of lotions and bath creams on discounted prices adjacent to the cash counter. The most striking way to entice customers is to offer sale along with limited time availability of the sale products.

Place Impulse Buying Products alongside Store’s Popular Products

The checkout area is not the only place where retailers can encourage Impulse buying. That is to say, retailers can place impulse products with the products high in demand. To appeal the customers, make a separate display of these products. Hence, it shall enable shoppers to focus on impulse products separately. Choose low-priced products for this purpose.

Use Enticing Language to promote Impulse Buying

Retailers need to create a sense of impulse buying in the customers’ minds. For this, it is imperative to use such phrases that invite customers towards impulse shopping. It creates more desire among the customers. Using the right words to market products is significant in retail. Understand the consumer psyche and use relevant phrases. Displaying products at the checkout counter and using appropriate language with it is the key to impulse buying.

Attract Customers towards Impulse Buying

Draw the customers’ attention towards impulse products. Grab buyers’ attention by highlighting the products through various ways. Firstly, use display signs where the impulse products are placed. Make these display signs prominent and eye-catching. Use captivating words on these displays that attract more customers, as mentioned above.

Secondly, use lighting to focus on the area offering impulse products. By using lights, the area of the store will become the centre of attention. Hence, it shall boost sales by drawing maximum customers.

Thirdly, and most importantly, using bold and bright colors is the key to gain customer attention. Retailers should make the impulse product section as bright as they can to help create the feeling they intend to create through impulse buy.

Predict Customer Needs

Impulse buying does not include specific or predefined products. Products that customers buy impulsively might be the same products that they impulsively buy in the next store as well. On the other hand, these impulse products can also be completely different. There is no set rule when it comes to choosing products for Impulse Buy.

To offer such impulse products that generate maximum sales, retailers need to know the customers and understand their demands and likes. Figure out which products they are searching for and which impulse products can you offer to them, that is of their interest.

Offer products that require less consideration

There are a number of other factors that deviate customers from impulse buying, apart from high prices. High prices do not motivate shoppers to buy. In fact they stop buyers from purchasing. Similarly, if customers are provided with too many options, it can also create a barrier in their shopping experience.

Impulse display products should not be excessive and must not provide variety of products. They should provide customers with limited options so that the customers can easily choose the products spontaneously.  

  Train Employees to Encourage Impulse Buying

One of the most under-rated and most effective tool to encourage impulse buying is the floor staff. Apart from the products and display, employees can play a significant role in compelling buyers to purchase impulsively. Employees should be aware of the items that they can suggest to the customers. Also, they should know how to draw customers’ attention to impulse displays.


Impulse buy is one of the most effective ways for brick-and-mortar retailers to increase their sales and stay competitive. By applying the above-mentioned tactics, the impulse buying experience for retailers can be enhanced by using good POS system and shall encourage buyers to purchase impulsively.

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