Certainly, one of the most effective ways to make customers happy is to do Retail giveaways. However, the entire process of doing retail giveaways can be fun and exciting. Further, it has several benefits for retailers as well. Therefore, if done the right way, retail giveaways can help retailers increase sales and grow their business. So if retailers are planning to do retail giveaways, they must keep reading as this piece of writing is filled with ideas and tips that shall help retailers do effective retail giveaways that not just make the customers happy, but also help grow businesses.  

Set your Goals for Retail Giveaways

Firstly, retailers need to know what they intend to achieve through retail giveaways. That is to say, retailers at least need to set a few goals in order to proceed with the giveaways. Consequently, this will help make retailers remain focused and know what they have to achieve by the end. Now you might be thinking what sort of goals a Retail giveaway can have. Well, firstly, it is through giveaways that retailers can collect customer information. Certainly having customer information is most significant when it comes to customer dealing. Therefore it is through giveaways that retailers get the chance to collect relevant and useful customer information.    

Secondly, retailers also need to make it a goal to promote products that are new. Consequently, this will help retailers promote products other than just the giveaway. Thirdly, giveaways can be a great way to make new customers. That is to say, giveaways attract people. Therefore, retailers need to avail this opportunity to make more customers.     

Deciding on the Retail Giveaways

Deciding on the prize is an integral step of retail giveaway. Therefore retailers need to decide the prize very wisely. That is to say, retailers need to give prizes that are not just high in demand but that are also useful and related to the brand. That is to say, if the giveaways are not related to the brand, there are high chances that the audience is only interested in the giveaways and it will do no good to the brand. So, make it a point to add such item in giveaways that helps promote the brand and increase customers.

Contest Selection for Retail Giveaways

Now retailers need to decide how they are going to give retail giveaway. That is to say, retailers need to decide what sort of medium they want to use in order to give giveaways. Firstly, retailers need to opt for contests. That is to say, they can either choose sweepstakes method or through social media. In sweepstakes, entrants will submit their information and they shall all be added into the contest. Consequently, retailers can collect the customer information easily this way as well. Secondly, retailers can ask the entrants to like or follow their page on social media. Consequently, they can increase their social media following and make new customers. In addition, there are many other types of contests from which retailers can choose.

Deciding the Retail Giveaway Winner

After going through the above-mentioned giveaway procedure, retailers now need to decide how they shall choose the winner. This depends on the type of contest that retailers have opted for. As a result, they shall decide how to choose and announce the winner.   


After doing Retail giveaway, retailers need to focus on the information they collected. That is to say, now is the time to make effective use of customer information that retailers collected. In other words, using that information, retailers can plan their marketing strategies and remain in contact with the customers. Moreover, retailers can also save this information in their POS System and effectively use this for marketing and customer service purposes.   

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