Brand Activation Events are essential for businesses to promote their business and make new customers. Further, this marketing technique can be very helpful for retailers. That is to say, it increases in-store traffic and sales. Moreover, through brand activation events, retailers can reach out to their target audience. In addition, if there is new merchandise in the store, retailers can introduce them as well through such events.

Brand Activation Events

The term does not seem very familiar to many of us. So, let’s first understand what Brand Activation Events really are. As the name suggests, brand activation events are events that are organized well and are exclusive. Such events bring in store traffic. Secondly it introduces new merchandise to the audience. Moreover, it helps bring great customer experience to the customers. As a result, it also makes loyal customers.     

Usually brand activation events are limited. These events are becoming popular but still they are used less as a marketing technique as compared to other marketing and sales techniques.

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”

– Mike Volpe

So, in order to understand in detail how you can use brand activation events for your business’ benefit let’s have a look at the ways compiled by the Teranoid team.  

Ways to effectively implement Brand Activation Events

Brand Activation Events should be Exclusive  

Certainly brand activation events should be exclusive. That is to say, no matter how long the events lasts, the audience should know that it will eventually end because this is the factor that is the attracting force for the audience to attend the event. Further in case the retailers have huge customer base or they are planning the event in a large city, they should ask the customers to register first. This way retailers will know how much audience to expect and how to manage them.  

Use of technology for Brand Activation Events

Such events give customers and retailers the opportunity to interact face to face. Having said that, the event should be such that the customers are inclined to take pictures of the event and share it on social media. Further, encourage customers to take videos and photos and share them with their friends and family. Moreover make use of technology even for in store experiences. For example, if there are some fun games in the event, ask customers to take pictures. Also, picture booths should be created so that the customers take pictures. Consequently, give prize to the one who’s pictures are the most creative and versatile.  

“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.”

Tony Zambito

Effective use of space for Brand Activation Events

Certainly the store should be the location for such events. This way the audience will not just be able to get to know the retailer but also the entire merchandise and services that the store is offering. Further make the most of the store area. That is to say, the event should be planned in such a way that the customers do not just stay at one section of the store. In short, they move through the entire store so that they see the store from a different angle and perspective.

Activities for Customers in Brand Activation Events

Certainly, interesting activities keep customers engaged and make them stay and enjoy the event. In other words, if the event is boring, customers will not have a good and memorable experience. So retailers need to create activities that help make customers enjoy the experience and know about the brand in detail. Further, this way audience will be able to connect together and mingle.


To conclude, brand activation events should be unique and entertaining. Certainly, such events help increase store traffic and bring in new customers. Moreover, this is an excellent way to build strong connection with the customers.     

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