Retail signage is the first impression of the store on the customers. That is to say, it is the first thing that grabs the customers’ attention. Retail Signage is the main factor that allows customers to visit the store. However, if the retail signage’s is inappropriate, it can become a reason to lose customers. In other words, unsuitable signage will lead to confusion among the customers. As a result, it will lead to a decrease in sales. Therefore to draw customers easily to the store and to direct the new customers towards the store, retailers need to be proficient when it comes to retail signage.

Drive Store Traffic through Retail Signage

In this article, we shall talk about the ways through which shop owners can design and implement effective retail signage.

Retail Signage should be Clear & Visible

One of the most important factors when it comes to retail signage is its clarity. In other words, the customers should be able to view clearly what the store is about and what the signage says. If the signage is not clear, the whole point of drawing customers to the store will lose its meaning. Therefore, create the signage in a way that is visible and attractive. On the other hand, small-sized signage boards and small fonts are unattractive. Further, they lose the interest of the consumers.

Entrepreneurs should keep their customers in mind while planning their retail signage. For example, customers might view signage while driving. On the other hand, they might view it while walking past it. Further, the passersby may be facing eyesight issues. Therefore, by keeping in mind the convenience of all customers; entrepreneurs should create their signage boards.

Appropriate Retail Signage

Retail signage has a purpose for sure. Therefore, creating retail signage based on that purpose is essential. Consequently, entrepreneurs will be able to make the right investments.

Outdoor Retail Signage

Firstly entrepreneurs can focus on outdoor retail signage. As mentioned above, the outdoor signage creates the first impression on the customers. Therefore it needs to be attractive so that it captures the customers’ attention. Further, it should make visible the brand’s logo. Moreover, it should also give a basic idea of the store’s inventory. As a result, retailers shall be able to know what the store offers. Another significant tip is to change the signage quite often because it is refreshing and new for the customers.         

Directional Retail Signage

Secondly, entrepreneurs need to focus on directional signage. In short, these are indoor signs that direct the customers towards certain areas of the store. In other words, the directional signage; if clearly visible, leads the customers into the store. Consequently, it will help save consumers time.

Promotional Retail Signage

Thirdly there is promotional signage. This is used to promote products and sales. Therefore, they should be witty and striking. If not that experienced, store owners should conduct research on it and then plan their promotional signage. As a result of the research, they can implement it using their own style and way. Further, promotional signage should provide clear information about the products being offered. But, they should not also be lengthy descriptions that lose the interest of the customers. Moreover, promotional signage should also be changed frequently.

Digital Retail Signages

Another type of signage’s is digital signage. This allows entrepreneurs to personalize their message. In other words, they can keep changing their messages according to the situation. Digital signage is very important when it comes to dealing with modern consumers. Another benefit of digital signage is that the message is changed easily according to customer needs.

Placement of the Retail Signage

There are certain places in the store where customers expect signage. In other words, while implementing the sign ages in the store, retailers should know well the areas of the store that require signage. For example, keep in mind that the eye level for people is different; children, adults, and people of different heights. Therefore while implementing signage; retailers should know well where to place them. Further, they should also keep in mind the functionality of the sign ages and should place them accordingly.     

Retail Signages should be Concise & to the Point

Retailers should not keep their Signage boards lengthy and complex. In other words, messages on the signage should be conveyed in minimum words. Further, shop owners should not bombard customers with excessive signage. That is to say, they should be adequate and short. Further, store owners need to keep in mind that the text on the signage board should not be in caps. In short, this is disrespectful for the customers because it seems impolite and rude.       


To sum up, these above-mentioned tips shall greatly help retailers and shop owners drive store traffic and increase their customer growth. Retail signage holds great significance for the in-store customer experience. In other words, it can either increase or decrease the number of customers. Hence the shop owners should make each sign ages noticeable, concise and on point.

Another effective and helpful way that helps enhance customer experience is having a good POS. It solves many issues. As a result, this will help save the customers time and provide them with effective customer service.    

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