Dealing with Difficult Customers in Retail

Certainly, dealing with Difficult customers is an issue that many retailers and businesses are facing. That is to say, the shoppers these days seem to be distracted and confused because of the availability of various brands. Further people are engaged in several other activities at the same time. That is to say, they have to remain updated on social media. Further, they might be receiving continuous mobile updates. Moreover, they might be busy in their life in general. All these factors reflect in a person’s personality, which in turn makes it tough for employees to deal with difficult customers.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

In this article, we shall discuss the ways that shall help retailers in dealing with difficult customers in a better way.

Dealing with difficult Customers requires Maintaining the Decompression Area

The store’s decompression area is of great significance. That is to say, it is the area that allows customers to adjust to the store environment. In short, “the first impression is the last impression.” Therefore retailers should think of their decompression zone as the first impression they shall give to their customers of the store. So, to keep the customers away from being distracted, retailers should keep this area as simple as possible. In other words, retailers should not keep many products in this area because firstly it will distract the customers. Secondly, there is a chance that these products will go unnoticed.

Moreover, retailers should also make sure that the baskets and carts should also be placed after the decompression area.

Good Customer Service

Employees should be aware that they should treat all customers differently because they are different. That is to say, different consumers expect different behavior from store employees. In other words, their preferences can be different. Therefore dealing with all customers alike is not a wise thing to do. Moreover, there might be some customers who feel distracted by the interference of the store employees. On the other hand, some customers might want the employees to help them with their shopping experience. No matter what type of customers retailers are dealing with, they should always greet their customers politely.

Relevant Content is very important for dealing with difficult customers

Retailers can get the attention of their employees by giving them messages that are relatable to and influential for the customers. This way is effective both with online and offline customers. When we say online customers, we mean gaining their attention through ads that are relevant to the customers. Also, in terms of regular customers, retailers can view their purchase history. Consequently, retailers shall be able to know which products to recommend to these customers.

So, personalization is a factor that helps customers focus more on the store and product. Moreover, it leaves no room for distraction.

Dealing with difficult customers becomes easier with the Use of Technology

Mobile phones are the biggest distracters for customers. Therefore retailers should come up with effective ideas that shall help use mobile phones to their advantage. For example, retailers can invite the use of smartphones by giving the option to the customers to buy from it. Consequently, this helps customers get fast payment processing methods. Other businesses are using smartphones and social media to promote their business. Further, the use of the POS System has also become mandatory to keep difficult and distracted customers happy.    

“Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.”

Lisa Masiello


To conclude, customers seem confused and distracted while shopping as well, most importantly with online shopping. That is to say, people generally shop online at work or while doing household chores, etc. On the other hand, people in stores can also be distracted due to their children and pets. Therefore dealing with difficult customers becomes a major headache for retailers and employees. However, some of the distractions are hard to avoid, while some others can be prevented.  

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