In today’s competitive world, it is very easy to lose customers. Therefore, retailers are continuously aiming to improve their customer experience. Moreover, the brick and mortar stores should up their game. In other words, they should enhance the customer experience in order to keep up with online stores. Therefore adopting customer retention strategies is very significant for retailers. Customer experiences vary from retailer to retailer. However, the right way to deal with customers depends on the way the customers are. In other words, the products they purchase count a lot. Therefore it is essential that the employees and retailers should know well their customers. Consequently, through Customer Retention Strategies, retailers shall be able to make them happy, once they know their likes and demands.  

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company.”

–Connie Elder, CEO & Founder, PEAK 10 SKIN

How can Retailers adopt Customer Retention Strategies?

Below we have mentioned a few tips and techniques that help retailers enhance their customer experience. As a result, it brings customers back to the store.

Customer Retention Strategy #1: Add Element of Surprise

One of the most significant customer retention strategies to attract customers is to create an element of excitement for the customers. Therefore creating experiences such as treasure hunt or other activities is very effective. In other words, the element of surprise attracts customers. Further, amazing discounts and promotions also is a way to attract customers. In other words, when customers are aware that products are limited, they hurry to grab their favorite items. The key is to continuously engage customers with the store so they do not lose interest.

Customer Retention Strategy #2: Direct Contact with the Customer

“Spend a lot of time talking to customers face-to-face. You’d be amazed at how many companies don’t listen to their customers.”

―H. Ross Perot

One of the major advantages that brick and mortar stores have is that they can provide face to face experience to their customers. Although, online agents help customers with their queries, the experience that customers receive directly holds greater value. Brick and mortar stores should make sure they provide an extraordinary experience to their customers. Moreover, the salesperson should be well informed about the products so that they can recommend it properly to the customers. This way they shall be able to get the customer’s attention. As a result, customers are expected to return to the store more often.  

Customer Retention Strategy #3: Keep Yourself Updated

One of the major reasons that the stores do well is that they update themselves. In other words, they reinvent their stores. In short, customers get bored because of looking at the same things and displays. Therefore retailers should update their stores continuously. Also, seeing the same products in the store also loses customer interest. In other words, customers want to see something new quite often. Certainly, it is not possible for retailers to keep changing the look of the store and the products. However, retailers can adopt a few ways that can help them get customer attention. Such as keeping the store neat and clean. Secondly, replacing the products and changing their places. Retailers can perform these tasks and provide new experiences to their customers.

Further, retailers should be advanced in terms of technology as well. That is to say, they should be equipped with up-to-date technology and gadgets that help improve the customer experience, for example, POS System, CRM Software, etc.

Customer Retention Strategy #4: Be Social

Retailers need to be sure as to which events or workshops they should hold. Therefore retailers should see how they can build communities through their retail store. This is one of the greatest strengths of brick and mortar stores. Therefore they should use it to their advantage. Further, they need to see if the space is such that their store space becomes the reason for people to get together. It is a good idea to let people use the products as well.

Customer Retention Strategy #5: Product Building

Retailers can encourage product building. Certainly, customers love personalized and customized products. So if it is feasible, retailers should opt for product building.  

Customer Retention Strategy #6: Sell Products in Bundles

Grouping together products is very popular in retail. Customers certainly visit the store for shopping. Therefore offering them other relatable products is beneficial. Many beauty retailers are following this trend. Therefore retailers should see what products and services they can offer to their clients to make their lives easier.     


In short, retailers should know each and everything about the customer because that is the only way that delights customers. Therefore the issue of providing customer experience is no more an ordinary thing. In fact, it requires effort on the part of retailers. In other words, today’s customer is very smart. Consequently, they want retailers and employees to deal with them very efficiently and provide them instantly what they are looking for. Therefore companies should adopt the above-mentioned customer retention strategies. Consequently, they can focus more on providing extraordinary services to their customers.   

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.”

―Tony Hsieh

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