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point of sale software for coffee shop

The prime function of the point of sale software is to keep up with the cash flows. The system takes the order and calculates the generated revenue accordingly. However, that is a very basic feature of the point of sale software. The highly advanced and techno based Teranoid Point of sale software has much more to offer to your coffee shop. The Teranoid Point of sale software is one of the most affordable, convenient and portable POS systems available today. It does not only keep a track of the cash flows and transactions, rather it also speeds up the process of dealing with each customer. This increases the efficiency by reducing the time a customer has to spend while being in the queue. This also improves the overall customer experience.
Besides speeding up the procedure, the Teranoid POS software has the ability to accommodate credit card payment as well. It allows customers to choose whatever payment method suits them and then manages the orders accordingly. Apart from these functions, there are so many ways in which the Teranoid point of sale software smoothens the work procedure of the coffee shops and makes the entire experience easier and quicker.
Why have the Teranoid Point of Sale Software for your coffee shop?
Unique Experience
The Teranoid Point of Sale Software is an Android Mobile Point of Sale Software. It allows the customers and the coffee shops to take the order, provide the service and charge the payment in one go. The customer does not have to go back and forth from the counter to the table for ordering or paying for the food. This is a very rare and unique feature of the Teranoid software which alleviates the customer experience and provides them the harmony to enjoy their coffee and munch on their snacks without disturbing intervals.

Teranoid QR App

Further, the Teranoid QR app allows customers to place their order directly from their tables. In other words, they can simply scan the QR code, and place order while staying at their tables. This gives customer an exceptional coffee shop experience and makes the process worthwhile. This is not just easy for the customers, in fact it is highly convenient for the staff as well. You can now utilize your staff on providing quality service to the customers. They no more now need to take the orders from the customers. They will automatically receive the order in their Point of sale software.
Ordering coffee is a matter of choice and preference. That is to say, many people want their coffee to be very specific. They mention specific details and want the coffee to be exactly the same. Therefore, through the QR code, they can place their order the way they want. In other words, they can specify all their coffee details themselves so that there are no chances of errors when it comes to receiving their order. The Teranoid QR App allows customers to order freely and by taking time. The more time the customers will have to place their order, the higher the chances are of the customers adding in other items to their order.
Placing order through the app and giving the order to the waiter standing right beside you marks great difference. In simple words, the customer orders abruptly as they cannot take extra time to order. While, on the other hand, if they order through the QR app, they can take time and this way there are more chances of cross selling and upselling. Certainly, through the Teranoid QR App,

Inventory Management

The Teranoid Point of Sale Software is quite rapid at entering the data and maintaining the inventory. The software enables the coffee shop to manage the stock of the ingredients really well. It keeps a very detailed track of the ingredients and generates orders accordingly. This does not only inform the coffee shop about what exactly is running out and what would be the ideal time to restock it. Rather, it also prevents pilferage, waste and theft.
Managing inventories has now become very simple. In other words, each and every inventory detail is easily recorded and saved. Consequently, you can know the details of the inventory any time and get notifications if there is shortage of an item that is high in demand. This makes the management quite easy and customers get what they want without any delay. This results in customer satisfaction as they do not leave the store frustrated, which results in better sales and good customer service, which is what each business is all about.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

The Teranoid Point of Sale Software allows your coffee shops to interact with your customers later as well by offering loyalty programs and issuing gift cards. Through detailed order and bill receipts, the coffee shops can access the email address or cell phone number of the customer. The contact information can later be used in informing the customers about the latest offers, new coffee flavors or discounts. The loyalty program and gift cards help improve the sales by attracting more customers. Moreover, it also helps in sustaining and strengthening the customer base.
The Teranoid, Point of Sale Software helps save the customer details. That is to say, customer profiles are saved. Further, you can access their contact details as well as their purchase histories. These histories help the owners know what the customer preferences are. Secondly, they can know which orders they have been most interested in. Consequently, you can offer them similar products, which is great for your business and marketing purposes!
Try the Teranoid Point of Sale Software and know how simplify it can make your business life. Get a free 14 day trial now to know how the software works and what benefits it can provide to your business!