Coronavirus has spread worldwide. That is to say, it is not just any insignificant virus that has impacted China, but this outbreak has taken a toll on the entire world. Consequently, this outbreak is affecting retailers worldwide. Further stores had to be shut because of the health purposes and safety of the masses. As a result, retailers have to face the loss of sales, disruption in Supply Chain Management and fearful and worried employees.   

Impact of Outbreak on Retailers

To make things more vivid, Business Insider has contacted renowned companies and retailers to know how they are handling the outbreak. Let’s see how these big retailers, brands and food chains are dealing with the Coronavirus.    

How the Outbreak is affecting Walmart  

Business Insider states that one of the workers of Walmart was tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the company made plan regarding leave policy for all the workers. That is to say, Walmart had modified its policy for workers and the customary way of daily attendance has been abolished. So, they sent an email to all its employees stating the leave policy for this time period of the Coronavirus. Moreover, they have stated that the employees suffering from Coronavirus will receive a two-week leave along with the pay. In addition, if these employees are still not able to work after a period of two weeks, they can still take paid leave for up to 26 weeks.

How this Outbreak has affected Burberry

Fashion brands have faced a massive setback amid the Coronavirus situation. Most importantly, in China, fashion brands such as Burberry are facing a negative impact on their business. Further, the Burberry CEO states that they are uncertain of the longevity of the situation, still they are working according to their strategies and working plan. Moreover, large number of Burberry stores are closed and others had to reduce their business hours. However, they further state that the company is taking safety measures to secure the health facilities of the workers.

How McDonald’s is affected by the Outbreak

McDonald’s has also strengthened its paid leave policy for the workers. Further the chain has focused on sanitary training for the entire staff. Moreover it has given paid time off for workers during store closures. In addition, the chain is cancelling its worldwide convention in Orlando and instead are convening online. Further they plan to make their digital experience more memorable and comprehensive.

Starbucks During the Outbreak

Subsequently, Starbucks has also announced pays for employees in case they are not able to work normally.

 “As we navigate COVID-19 together, what matters most is how we, as a company, care for you,” Starbucks president Rossann Williams wrote in a letter to partners on Wednesday. “I want you to know that here at Starbucks; you should never have to choose between work and taking care of yourself.”

One of the employees at the Starbucks Seattle chain found one employee sick due to Coronavirus. Also, the company has banned the use of reusable material such as cups, spoons as precautionary measures. Starbucks has further informed their investors a loss in profits due to store closures and decreased sales.


Many Wayfair stores have asked their employees to work from home for example, Boston, Berlin, London etc. Further the employees who are suffering from COVID-19 will receive pay during the time of their sick leave.

  “We are in an unprecedented situation and we believe it is critical that we do our part to help reduce community transmission in these large metropolitan areas where the majority of our employees use public transportation and interact in high density settings throughout the day,” the company said in a statement provided to Business Insider.    


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