Biggest & most Common Retail Customer Concerns

Retailers should be concerned about the Retail Customer Concerns because they are the ones who benefit the company and business. However there are certain things that irritate the customers. That is to say, there might be some actions on the part of employees or retailers that disturb the customers. As a result, it will affect the sales and company’s profits. Therefore retailers need to be aware of the Retail Customer Concerns and what they expect from the shop owners and employees. By reading this article, retailers shall have an insight into what concerns the customers.

Retail Customer Concern 1: Not Understating the Customer Needs

There are types of customers that quickly want to get what they are looking for. Moreover, they need someone to help them out so that they do not have to spend extra time in shopping. Either it is online shopping or through brick and mortar stores, employees and attendants should provide customers the type of experience they are looking for. There is no one formula to deal with all customers alike. Therefore employees and retailers need to know how to treat various customers. In other words, it is for the retailers and their employees to distinguish each customer and know what they want. There are certainly such customers who do not want to be left alone. Therefore the sales persons should not be irritated with such customers. In short, the key is to understand the individual personality of each customer and try towards resolving it.

Retail Customer Concern 2: Fake Comments

Another Retail customer concern is that the salesperson should not comment on the customers. That is to say, retailers and their employees should not comment on customers if they are trying a product. For example, salesperson usually ensures customers that they are looking nice in apparel stores. However, the customer might not like it at times. In other words, there are customers who do not like to receive personal comments from salespersons. Moreover, if something does not suit them, they are aware that the salesperson is only trying to flatter them to persuade them towards buying.

Retail Customer Concern 3: Lack of Product Knowledge

Certainly the employees that are unaware of the products are bad for the company. Further the customers also lose interest in the store whose employees are unaware of the products that they are selling. As a result, this leads to bad sales and loss of customers. Therefore it is essential that retailers should train their staff well about customer service. Further they should provide complete product knowledge to the customers. It is better to use various learning methods for employees because the learning method that might suit one employee, might not suit the other one.

Moreover retailers should also train their staff on technology. That is to say, employees should be trained with whatever technology retailers are using in their stores. For example, POS System, managing security devices, inventory devices etc. Moreover role-playing is also very effective when it comes to training staff. In other words, it is through practice that the employees are able to learn the most.      

Retail Customer Concern 4: No one to attend to

Certainly absence of employees frustrates and upsets the customers. That is to say, retailers should ensure that their employees are always present and attendant. Therefore for this purpose, retailers should make sure that there are enough staff members in the store. Moreover, retailers should be aware of the rush hours. As a result, they should schedule the employees plan accordingly. Moreover, the employees should also be vigilant and willing to provide good customer service.

Retail Customer Concern 5: Messy and Dirty Stores

The way the retail store looks is highly significant. In oteher words, the look and tidiness of the store can either make or break sales. Therefore retailers should make their store clean and presentable. Further retailers can create attractive window displays. Moreover, they should ensure that the employees clean the store and products frequently. So, that the customers do not get the impression that the store is unclean.  


To conclude, retailers should take care of how they treat their customers. In other words, they are the ones who either make or break the sales. Therefore it is evident that retailers should provide extraordinary service to their customers by addressing the retail customer concerns.  

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