Having the best POS features is the most significant thing that retailers must have. That is to say, whether it is sales and transactions, tracking inventories or storing customer records and data, the right and best Point Of Sale features keep the business in track and manage it efficiently. However, the person using gadgets and tools holds great significance. In other words, the right use of tools and technology results in significant outcomes. Therefore it is imperative that the retailers and their employees should know well about the functionality of the Point Of Sale System. Consequently, they shall be able to gain most out of their Point Of Sale systems.

There is no hard and fast rule to use the best Point Of Sale features. Therefore we cannot suggest specific rules that should be practiced while using a Point Of Sale System. However the modern and best Point Of Sale system generally has similar common features and functionalities that retailers and their staff should be aware of. The Teranoid team has come up with acquainting its customers with the best Point Of Sale features. Further, we shall inform our readers about how they can get the most out of their Point Of Sale System.

Ring up Sales; best POS Feature

Certainly, the most common and best POS feature is to ring up sales. Therefore first retailers need to acquaint themselves with the sell screen. The sell screen might vary in different POS Systems. However, in order to ring up sales, retailers will have to follow these basic steps:

  • Add Products

Firstly retailers or their employees will have to add the products. The items can be added to the system depending on the way the POS works. That is to say, the employees can either scan the barcode of the product or search for the product in their system. Further, the POS systems offer shortcuts as well. Consequently, these shortcuts are for popular and trending products. Moreover, the cashier can add the amount of the products that the customer has bought.    

  • Apply Discounts

One of the best POS features is to be able to add discounts or sales. That is to say, retailers/employees should be able to apply it to the products. In other words, employees should be able to use their POS System to apply discounts. If the POS System does not have this feature, employees should see if they can add a discounted price manually.

  • Payment

Best POS Systems allow payments from various modes, for example, cash, cards, etc. Therefore, the payment procedure is quite simplified with the advancement in the POS System. Other features of the POS System include mobile payments, gift cards, loyalty programs, buy now pay later, etc.    

  • Inventory Management; best POS feature

Modern POS Systems come with the best feature of offering managing inventory. However, the specifics shall vary. But the best POS Systems that offer inventory management allows adding the list of the products and their quantity. Employees can add these products manually. However, some of the modern features allow more advanced features when it comes to managing inventories. For example, stock controls, managing multi-store inventories, re-order points, etc.

Effective Customer Management through the best POS System

Shoppers these days expect personalization from retailers. Therefore if retailers do not have CRM feature in their POS System, they are definitely lacking in something critical to their business. Consequently, the POS System allows employees to create customer profiles. These profiles contain customer data and their purchase history. Moreover, there are loyalty programs that retailers can offer to their customers. Consequently, this enhances sales because of repeated customers visiting the store. Therefore retailers should check if their POS System offers loyalty programs.       

Best POS Reporting Feature

Modern and advanced POS Systems have a reporting feature. That is to say, this feature generates reports about sales and inventory. The types of reports retailers are able to access depends highly on their POS system. However, there are some common reports that retailers are able to analyze. For example, inventory on hand, informs about low stocks, reports about how the products are performing, sales reports. Consequently, these reports make it easy for retailers and employees to get to know their best and most popular products. For example, they shall know about the products that are popular among customers. So, they can order those items more.

Further, the POS informs retailers about customer history and sales. Therefore retailers are able to know about the VIP customers as well as those who are not that actively shopping from the store. As a result of these reports, retailers and employees can plan their marketing strategies accordingly.


To conclude, retailers and employees should be curious about the technology that they are using. In other words, there are several technological features that go unnoticed because employees are not that involved or interested in learning. Therefore if retailers are already using POS System, they should ensure that they are using it the right way and utilizing all its features.   

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