Common Retail Business Mistakes Retailers Make & Ways to avoid them

Certainly everyone makes mistakes. But the wisdom lies in how quickly we are able to recognize our mistakes and improve ourselves. However, in the retail business, it is not necessary that retailers make mistakes. That is to say, they can still learn through the mistakes of others. Consequently, they can learn where they lack and […]

Emerging Trends in Retail Point of System

Trends in the retail point of system industry keep evolving with the advancement in time. Further, retail trends have greatly changed in the last two decades. Moreover, Due to technological advancement, customer expectations have also changed. This article highlights the prevailing trends in the retail industry regarding retail point of system. Customization in Retail Point […]

Retail Tips to Attract Customers on Valentine’s Day

Retail Tips to Attract Customers on Valentine’s Day Since Valentine’s Day is on its way, all eyes are on the customers and the ways to attract them. That is to say, it is the right time to spread love among-st people. In other words, retailers need to prepare themselves beforehand for Valentine’s Day. It is […]

How to Encourage Impulse Buying to Grow Sales

Impulse buying in retail stores is a tried and tested way to boost sales. It is a common buying technique that encourages shoppers to purchase impulsively. Hence, retailers make it a common practice to persuade customers towards impulse buying. This article highlights the ways, mentioned below, through which impulse buying can be encouraged in retail […]

How to Get Rid of Excessive Stock and its management

Excessive stock is definitely not a very ideal situation for retailers. That is to say, excessive stock takes up space that could otherwise be used for productive purposes. Moreover, it tightens the budget. Therefore it can keep retailers from investing in products they actually need. So it is essential for retailers that they pay attention […]

Must-have Features of a Loyalty Program

Loyalty program are significant as they help market strategies. They are meant to promote businesses and encourage customers to use services and continue shopping. A good loyalty system must have certain features that make it effective and exclusive. Why adopt a loyalty program for your business? Research shows that members of a Loyalty Program spend […]

Art of Handling different types of Customers

An essential part of the Retail Industry is to experience different types of customers and to deal with them. There are customers who are flexible and easy-going. On the contrary, there are also such customers who are demanding and difficult. Their needs are unique and complex. Retailers have to deal with various types of customers […]

How to Augment Sales through Omnichannel

A recent research revealed that 95% of vendors are in favor of Omnichannel approach. They believe that it is essential in increasing sales and growing customer base. In today’s highly digitized world, retailers have a variety of ways to channel sales and to connect with their customers. They can boost sales by attracting customers to […]

How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store?

Attracting customers is the key to running brick-and-mortar stores. The more consumers retailers shall attract, the more opportunities they will have to increase sales and engage customers. Consequently, this results in high retail store revenues. There are a number of things retailers can do to attract customers to their store. This article shares some tips […]