Attracting customers is the key to running brick-and-mortar stores. The more consumers retailers shall attract, the more opportunities they will have to increase sales and engage customers. Consequently, this results in high retail store revenues.

There are a number of things retailers can do to attract customers to their store. This article shares some tips that shall help retailers increase customers by using various ways to attract them.

Ways to Attract customers to Your Retail Store

Have a Well-maintained Storefront

A well-maintained storefront is a key to attract customers. Customers do not visit stores that have shabby and dirty looks, for example, unwashed floors, greasy windows, and dusty products. Therefore retailers should keep abreast of the store’s maintenance tasks.

Retailers must make it a priority to clean their stores on a daily basis. However, other store maintenance tasks can be done monthly or yearly, for example paint, polishing the furniture, etc.

The best way to check the look of the store is to look at the store’s front from the outside. Retailers can thoroughly examine which areas of the store need improvement. Further, they shall be able to identify minute details relating to the retail store that needs to be upgraded or improved.

Retailers can assign daily tasks to workers to clean the retail store. Employees can also perform these tasks. However, retailers can also appoint a third-party to maintain the cleanliness of the store.

Be Innovative in enhancing the Store’s front

Retailers need to think outside the box and enhance the storefront by being creative. That is to say, retailers should not go with typical window displays but they can enhance their displays by adding additional and distinctive elements, for example, they can use witty messages and catchy slogans. Certainly, such phrases attract customers to enter the retail store.

Further, retailers can mention any specialty or unique offer that they are providing to the customers. Retailers need to be innovative and think of such storefront boards that appeal to customers and draw them towards the store.

Ensure that the Retail Staff looks Welcoming and Attentive for retail store

Retailers should ensure that their employees behave in a manner that pleases customers. If employees look dull and uninterested, there is a chance that customers will keep away from visiting such retail stores. Retailers must train their employees on the way they look and their behavior. Most importantly, they should take care of their conduct and disposition even in the absence of customers. Further, ensure that they look busy and welcoming so that the customers feel received. Consequently, it shall have a delightful effect and a lasting impression on them.

Focus on Customer Service for your retail store

Employee behavior with the customer holds significant value. If the rest of the aspects of the store are perfect and the employees are not able to provide good customer service, there is no point in putting all the effort into enhancing and upgrading the other aspects of the store.

In short, one of the most effective ways to attract customers to the retail store is to provide them with excellent customer service. Poor service on the part of the employees leads to a loss of customers. Hence, ultimately, resulting in a loss of sales and profit. Poor customer treatment has more adverse effects on the customers as compared to a poor product.

Millions of dollars are spent on marketing but if the customer service is not adequate, the money spent on marketing will go to waste. Retailers have a single chance to gain the trust of the customers. Therefore, they cannot afford to lose even a single customer. Bad service can destroy the name and reputation of a brand. Similarly, bad service at the cash counters can also leave a poor impression on the customers. The solution to this is an effective POS System as it saves time and effort and gives an untroubled and amazing experience to customers.

A few ways to help retailers build good customer service in their retail store are:

  • Spend time to train employees
  • Prepare employees to deal with difficult and impolite customers.
  • Teach employees to be welcoming and attentive at all times.

Be active on Social Media & Online Platforms  

It is a digital age and people are a lot more active on social media. Instead of complaining about the excess use of social media, retailers should try to use it for their benefit. It has become mandatory for retailers to have their presence online. Retailers need to create an online store for their business and provide customers with buying options. As a result, it shall not only help grow sales but also create brand awareness and attract customers to the physical retail store.

Provide Customers with Click and Collect option for your retail store

Retailers should offer the click and collect service to the customers. As a result, clients will lead themselves to retail stores automatically. People nowadays prefer to have their purchased items delivered at any other location apart from their residential address. In addition, many such customers are also willing to pick their bought items from the stores. This way there is a likelihood that the customers visiting the retail store to pick their order can buy other products along with it.  


We hope this article shall help you to attract more customers to the retail store. Rumors are that the brick-and-mortar retail stores are dying and that online shopping is gaining control of the retail world. However, this rumor is far from reality. We cannot deny the fact that e-commerce is huge. Having said that, the brick-and-mortar stores are still well received and in demand. In other words, the brick-and-mortar retail is only changing and will not cease to exist anytime soon. Therefore, retailers need to provide a compelling in-store experience to customers.

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