Our Mission

Teranoid is a leading Point of Sale Solution originated from the Nordic Region, However this will rapidly expand to other markets like Middle East and Asia.


Our Story

In 2017, Three tech entrepreneurs decided to evolve a POS Solution that is extremely easy and affordable to adopt.

They felt need for POS solution that is simple, reliable, intelligent yet budgetary.

This gave birth to Teranoid. A continuously evolving Financial Solution that is designed to meet user expectations in every aspect.

. With a well-placed mechanism of Market Research, Teranoid always keep evolving to meet market demands.

Teranoid, Adopt the Future”

Our Values

Consistent innovation

Sustained market research defines direction of our work and make us stand out. This helps us in staying ahead of time.

Mutual Respect

We encourage the culture of mutual respect with good intentions.

We Care

We maintain caring environment for our customers, so as for our Team

Take Diversity as Opportunity

Diversity of the knowledge makes us better.